Change your password

Change your 1010data password.

To change your 1010data password:

  1. Under the drop-down menu corresponding to your username in the top right corner of your 1010data session, click Admin.

    The Account Administration page will be opened in a new tab.

  2. On the Account Administration toolbar, click the Change Password icon ().
  3. In the Old Password text box, enter your current 1010data password.
  4. In the New Password text box, enter your new 1010data password.
    Note: Passwords may only contain uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. Symbols and spaces are not permitted.
  5. In the Retype New Password text box, enter your new 1010data password again.
    Note: The values for New Password and Retype New Password must match.
  6. Click Submit Changes.

    When your password has been successfully changed, you will see the message Changes were saved! in the area directly beneath the Account Administration toolbar.