Company Manager (admin only)

The Company Manager allows a company administrator to change company-related information within 1010data.

Company ID
A unique combination of alphanumeric characters and underscores specifying the ID of the company. (read only)
The name of the company.
Administrator ID
The user ID of the company administrator(s). (read only)
The full name of the company administrator.
Maximum # of IDs
The maximum number of active user IDs that a company is allowed to own. (read only)
Maximum # of concurrent logins
The maximum number of users in the company that can be logged in at the same time. (read only)
Users (read only)
A listing of all user IDs owned by the company. (read only)
Active Users count
The number of active user IDs owned by the company.
The Calculate button initiates this calculation.
Note: This calculation can be resource intensive. If the company owns many user IDs, this action could take some time and possibly lock the session.
Street Address
Zip Code
The full address of the company.
Email Address
The primary email address associated with the company.
Email List
A space-separated list of additional email addresses associated with the company.
Phone Number
The phone number of the company.
The version of 1010data the company (and, by default, all users within the company) is configured to use.
Possible values are:
  • prod-latest
  • beta-latest
  • prod-x.yz
  • beta-x.yz

where x.yz is the specific version (e.g., prod-6.92, beta-7.36)

Note: The company version is used by default for users who do not have a specific version set for their particular ID.
Company Creation Time
The date (in YYYYMMDD form) that this company was originally created in 1010data. (read only)
Previous Time Company was Updated
The date (in YYYYMMDD form) this company's information was last updated. (read only)
User to Create Company
The user ID of the administrator who created this company in 1010data. (read only)
Previous User to Update Company
The user ID of the administrator who previously updated this company's information. (read only)
Previous Version to Update Company
The version of 1010data that was used when this company’s information was last updated. (read only)