Create a chart based on chart type

Create a chart for the current table or worksheet by selecting a chart type and then specifying the data columns to be plotted.

To create a chart based on chart type:

  1. In an open table or worksheet, perform either of the following actions:
    • Select the type of chart from theĀ Chart menu.

    • Click Chart > Create Chart... and then select the chart type in the Select Chart section of the Create Chart window.

    The selected chart type will be highlighted in red in the Chart Parameters panel of the Chart Builder.

    Once a chart type is selected, settings related to that particular chart type will appear in the Settings section, and Drop column boxes will be provided in separate Data sections below that.

  2. For each column that you want to plot, drag it from the Data Columns panel into the Drop column box in the Data section associated with the axis where you want that data plotted.
    Note: You cannot drag columns from one Data section to another. If you want to remove a column from a Data section, hover your mouse over the column in that section and click the icon.
  3. Make any desired changes in the Settings section.

    For instance, if you selected a Pie chart type, you can display it as a donut chart by changing the Layout setting to Donut.

  4. Make any desired changes in the Customization Settings panel.

    For example, you can enter a title for the chart, change the tick rotation for a particular axis, select a different color for the background, or change the position of the legend.

  5. Click Update.

    The chart will be displayed in the center panel based on your specifications.

Note: If you make further changes in the Settings section or add/remove columns from any of the Data sections, you must click Update to see those changes reflected in the chart. Modifications made in the Customization Settings panel take effect immediately.

You should save the chart if you want to be able to access it again; otherwise, the chart will no longer be available once you close the Create Chart window.