Create QuickApp graphics widget

Save the chart specifications as a graphics widget for use in a QuickApp.

To create a graphics widget from the current chart:

From the menu bar of the Create Chart window in an existing chart, click Drop QuickApp.

A new worksheet with a tab labeled Drop QA is opened in your 1010data session, and the Edit Actions (XML) dialog is populated with the Macro Language that produces the current chart.

You can use the Macro Language XML code that is generated for the graphics widget in your QuickApp development. Copy and paste the graphics widget XML directly into your QuickApp code, or save the worksheet as a Quick Query for future use.

Example of a QuickApp created from the Chart Builder

<note type="base">Applied to table: pub.fin.fred2.bls.smsu</note>
<widget class_="graphics">
  <sel value="(state='PA')"/>
  <sel value="between(month;'1/76';'12/90')"/>
  <graphspec width="1008" height="631" theme="happy">
    <chart type="line" title="Monthly Unemployment - Pennsylvania">
      <data x="month" y="unemp"/>