1010data offers support for data localization via currency and date formats, as well as UTF-8 encoding.

Localization is the process of adapting a product or content for specific locale, country, region, or market. 1010data offers support for data that is specific to a particular place in the world. 1010data clients operate with local data in areas as varied as Germany, China, and the United States.
Note: While 1010data supports localized data, the web interface and documentation are not currently available in other languages.

UTF-8 encoding for data displayed in most languages

UTF-8 is a data encoding standard with built-in support for most world languages, such as Mandarin. 1010data's support for UTF-8 encoding enables localization support as follows:
  • Textual data, including product descriptions, addresses, and metadata, can be loaded and displayed in any language
  • Data loaded using valid UTF-8 characters will be properly displayed in the 1010data web interface
  • Data downloaded using available targets, such as Excel and delimited files, will display correctly assuming an application with UTF-8 support is used to view the file

Support for most world currencies via display formats

1010data can display accurate formats for most world currencies. For a list of all supported currency formats, see the Currency Unit Codes topic in the 1010data User's Guide.

For an example of how to use the currency unit codes, see the example in the Display Formats topic of the 1010data User's Guide.

Support for most date and numeric display formats

1010data also has many available options for displaying dates and other numeric forms of data. Display format functionality provides considerable flexibility for displaying numeric data. For instance, the number 1,234,567.89 can also be displayed as 1234567.89 using a nocommas display format. For a full list of available display formats, see the Display Formats topic of the 1010data User's Guide.

In addition to display format specifiers, user preferences exist for dates and numeric numbers. Showing dates and numbers in the European convention can be done by setting the appropriate Location Preferences.