Download a completed job report

After a scheduled job runs (or is manually executed), an email containing links to the reports specified in the job is automatically sent to the report recipients for that job.

To download a completed job report:

  1. Open the email sent by the Query Scheduler regarding the completed job.

    This email is sent by and contains the subject: "Completed: Job Title".

  2. Click the link for the report that you want to download.
    Note: If the job specified all reports, the email will contain three links.

    A browser window is opened requesting your 1010data credentials.

  3. Enter your 1010data username and password.
  4. Click Submit.
    If you clicked the link:
    CSV Report
    A comma-separated text file containing the results is downloaded directly to your computer.
    PDF Report
    A PDF document containing the results is downloaded directly to your computer.
    XLS Report
    The results are displayed in your browser window.

    To download the Excel workbook containing the results to your computer, click the Download the file button above the results.

Note: To discontinue receiving emails regarding the scheduled job, click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email and then, on the web page that is subsequently opened in your browser, click the Confirm button to unsubscribe.