Clone an existing widget

You can use the QuickApp Editor to clone an existing widget.

To clone an existing widget:

  1. Open the QuickApp containing the widget you want to clone.

    See Edit a Quick Query for guidance on opening queries for editing.

  2. Click View > QuickApp Editor... to launch the QuickApp Editor.

    You will be presented with a grid containing the widgets in the QuickApp.

    Note: If the widgets are contained in a layout, you will need to unlock the layouts before you can edit any of the widgets.
  3. Right-click the widget that you want to clone.

    A context menu is displayed.

  4. Click Select/deselect for clone.

    The widget will appear highlighted, which indicates that it is selected for cloning.

  5. Right-click on the grid where you want the cloned widget to appear.

  6. Click Clone selected widget here.

    The cloned widget will appear on the grid.

  7. Modify the desired Properties and/or Query associated with the cloned widget.
    Note: Be sure to save your changes and commit them to the QuickApp.

    See Modify an existing widget for details.