Create a new widget

You can use the Widget Builder to create a new widget in the QuickApp Editor.

To create a new widget:

  1. In an open worksheet (or table), click View > QuickApp Editor... to launch the QuickApp Editor.

    You will be presented with a grid on which to place the new widget.

    Note: If there are existing widgets in the QuickApp, you will see them displayed on the grid.
  2. Right-click in a space not occupied by another widget or layout.

    A context menu is displayed.

  3. Click Add a new widget here.

    The Widget Builder is presented.

  4. From the Class list, select the type of widget you want to create.

  5. Specify the desired Properties and/or Query associated with the widget.

  6. Click Save to save your new widget.

    Your new widget will be displayed on the grid.

  7. To commit your new widget to the QuickApp, right-click anywhere on the grid (in a space not occupied by the widget) and click Commit changes to this QuickApp.

    The new widget will be displayed in the QuickApp.