Modify an existing widget

You can use the Widget Builder to modify an existing widget in the QuickApp Editor.

To modify an existing widget:

  1. Open the QuickApp containing the widget you want to modify.

    See Edit a Quick Query for guidance on opening queries for editing.

  2. Click View > QuickApp Editor... to launch the QuickApp Editor.

    You will be presented with a grid containing the widgets in the QuickApp.

    Note: If the widgets are contained in a layout, you will need to unlock the layouts before you can edit any of the widgets.
  3. Right-click the widget that you want to modify.

    A context menu is displayed.

  4. Click Widget properties.

    The Widget Builder is presented.

  5. Modify the desired Properties and/or Query associated with the widget.

  6. Click Save to save the changes.

  7. To commit the changes you've made to the widget in the QuickApp, right-click anywhere on the grid (in a space not occupied by the widget) and click Commit changes to this QuickApp.

    Your QuickApp will be displayed with the changes you made to the widget.