A checkbox allows the user to toggle between two mutually exclusive choices.

The text that is displayed for the checkbox.
Variable for value
The variable that holds the value of the checkbox when selected or cleared.

You may select a variable from the dropdown, or you can create a new variable by clicking New... and entering the name in the field following the @ symbol.

Value when checked
The value of the variable associated with this checkbox when it is selected.
Value when unchecked
The value of the variable associated with this checkbox when it is cleared.
Default value
The default value of the variable associated with this checkbox.


<note type="base">Applied to table: pub.demo.retail.item</note>
<dynamic store_num="2" display_graph="1" display_grid="1">
  <widget class_="field" label_="Input Store Number:" max_="3" min_="1" 
name="hmadded__1" relpos_="21,26" type_="numeric" value_="@store_num"/>
  <widget base_="pub.demo.retail.item" class_="grid" errmsg_="Select a store" 
invmode_="hide" name="hmadded__3" relpos_="10,96" require_="{@display_grid=1}" 
    <sel value="store={@store_num}"/>
  <widget base_="pub.demo.retail.item" class_="graphics" errmsg_="Select a store" 
invmode_="hide" name="hmadded__4" relpos_="613,97" require_="{@display_graph=1}" 
type_="pie" update_="auto">
    <sel value="store={@store_num}"/>
  <widget class_="checkbox" default_="1" false_="0" label_="Display Graph" 
name="hmadded__8" relpos_="428,29" true_="1" value_="@display_graph"/>
  <widget class_="checkbox" default_="1" false_="0" label_="Display Grid" 
name="hmadded__9" relpos_="294,29" true_="1" value_="@display_grid"/>