A checklist allows the user to select one or more checkboxes that are grouped together in a list.

The checklist is populated using a 1010data query. The 1010data query associated with the widget should generate one or two columns (i.e., either values or values and labels).

Variable for values
The variable to hold the selected values in the checklist as a comma-separated string.

You may select a variable from the dropdown, or you can create a new variable by clicking New... and entering the name in the field following the @ symbol.

The checklist is presented in a horizontal fashion.

The checklist is presented in a vertical fashion.

Text color
The color of the text of the items in the checklist.
The color can be selected using the color picker or can be specified as:
  • Any valid HTML color name (e.g., red, blue, cyan)
  • An RGB value (e.g., rgb(238,147,12))
  • A hex value (e.g., #d12345)
Text style
The appearance of the text of the items in the checklist.

When this field gets focus, a dialog is presented that allows the user to select the family, style, size, and other characteristics of the text such as letter spacing and underlining.


<note type="base">Applied to table: pub.demo.retail.item</note>
<dynamic selected_values="1,3">
  <widget base_="pub.demo.retail.item" class_="checklist" label="Select stores:" 
labelwidth_="150" name="hmadded__1" orientation_="vertical" relpos_="157,118" 
textcolor_="blue" textstyle_="font-weight:bold" value_="@selected_values">
    <willbe name="selection" value="g_first1(store;;)"/>
    <sel value="selection=1"/>
    <colord cols="store"/>
    <link table2="" col="store" col2="store_id"/>
    <colord cols="store,city"/>
  <widget base_="pub.demo.retail.item" class_="grid" 
label_="Transactions for selected stores: {@selected_values}" name="hmadded__2" 
relpos_="399,119" type_="scroll">
    <sel value="store={@selected_values}"/>