Class properties

There are properties that are specific to each of the various classes of widgets that dictate the behavior and appearance of those widgets. These properties vary from widget to widget.

For instance, a text widget consists of content to be displayed as well as attributes such as style and color that determine the appearance of the text when it is displayed.

For example, the following text widget:

would have the following properties under the Class properties tab in the Widget Builder:

In the Class properties tab for this text widget, we specify:

For a more complex widget, such as a sorter widget, there will be more class properties that allow you to control the behavior and appearance. Consider the following pair of sorted lists:

The Class properties tab for this sorter widget would look something like the following:

You can see that the Class properties tab for this sorter widget contains informations such as:

The following sections give detailed explanations of each of the elements in the Class properties tab for all of the classes available from the Class list at the top of the Widget Builder. Each section also includes one or more examples of these widgets. Some of the examples are basic, and some are more complex, showing the interactions between different widgets and illustrating such concepts as the use of dynamic variables and the way to control how and when widgets are updated. (You can read more about that particular topic in the topic Update control.)

In order to see the configuration of the Widget Builder for any of these examples, follow the instructions in View the examples in the QuickApp Editor.