Editable grid

An editable grid provides a spreadsheet-like interface in which the user can modify as well as copy and paste data and subsequently save the changes as a temporary table that can be used by other widgets in the QuickApp.

The editable grid widget is populated using a 1010data query.

The text to appear above the editable grid.
Variable for saved table value
When the data is saved, this dynamic variable stores the table path to the temporary in-memory table.

You may select a variable from the dropdown, or you can create a new variable by clicking New... and entering the name in the field following the @ symbol.

Note: The table that is saved is temporary and is not accessible after the QuickApp exits.
Show save button?
Indicates whether or not to display a save button, which allows the user to save the data within the editable grid to a temporary table.
Show revert button?
Indicates whether or not to display a reset button, which reverts edited data to the 1010data query associated with this widget, which initializes the editable grid.
Show clear button?
Indicates whether or not to display a clear button, which clears all rows in the editable grid.
Stretch columns
Specifies how to stretch out the columns to fill the horizontal space.
Column headers
The column heading or name can be displayed at the top of each column in an editable grid, or it can be left blank.
Show row numbers?
This specifies whether or not to show row numbers on the editable grid.
Show drag-to-fill handle?
Indicates whether to permit "drag to fill range" in a column during editing.
Show spare empty row?
Indicates whether to allocate a new empty row as the last row in the editable grid.
Note: The spare row is not saved to the temporary table.
Read-only grid?
Indicates whether the contents in entire editable grid are read only.

When this option is selected, the contents of the grid cannot be edited. However, data within the grid may be selected and copied.

Read-only columns
A comma-separated list of column names that may not be edited.

Columns not in this list may be edited.

Restrict input to valid values?
Indicates whether to prohibit invalid values from being entered in the editable grid.

For example, text values will not be permitted in any cells in a column of type integer when this option is selected.


<note type="base">Applied to table: pub.demo.retail.item</note>
<dynamic saved_table_name="">
  <widget base_="pub.demo.retail.item" background_="#8064a2" border_="1" 
class_="editgrid" halign_="center" label_="Editable Grid" name="hmadded__1" 
relpos_="1,3" rocols_="sales,cost" value_="@saved_table_name" width_="575"/>
  <widget background_="#d99694" class_="text" halign_="center" height_="20" 
invmode_="hide" name="hmadded__2" relpos_="894,52" require_="{@saved_table_name<>''}" 
text_="Saved table name: {@saved_table_name}" width_="341"/>
  <widget base_="pub.demo.retail.item" class_="grid" 
label_="Store #1 Transactions" name="hmadded__4" relpos_="592,101" 
type_="scroll" width_="1000">
    <if test="{@saved_table_name<>''}">
      <base table="{@saved_table_name}"/>
    <colord hide="account"/>
    <sel value="store=1"/>
    <willbe name="total_sales" label="Total Sales" value="sales*units"/>