Data preview

The Data preview tab allows you to see the results of the query associated with the widget.

You can use the Data preview panel to make sure that the query you specified for the widget is returning the results that it is expecting.

For example, a sorter widget uses the results of its associated query to populate the contents of its sorted list. It expects either a one-column table consisting of the values it will use to populate the list, or a two-column table that contains values in the first column and their corresponding labels in the second column.

The Data preview tab below shows an example of a two-column table used by a sorter widget. The item SKU values are in the first columns, and the item descriptions are in the second column.

Note: You can see an example of the 1010data query used to generate this particular table in the example for Query XML.

The sorter widget will take this data and display the labels (from the second column) but will store the sorted list of values (from the first column) in the dynamic variable associated with the widget.

In the following example, you can see that the sorter widget is displaying the item descriptions, but the value of the dynamic variable associated with this sorter widget is a comma-separated list of the corresponding SKU values.