Find rows

Wherever you are in a table, you can easily find the next (or previous) row that contains certain values or meets certain criteria.

To find a particular row in the current table or worksheet:

  1. In an open table or worksheet, click Rows > Find Row...

    The Find Row dialog is presented.

  2. Specify the criteria for the row you want to find:
    For each criterion, you may choose a column and a relationship (equal to, greater than, etc.) and enter a value (or values), or you may specify a range for a given column.
    Note: The order in which the column headings appear in the drop-down lists can be set using the In selection boxes, show columns in preference under the User Preferences section of the Set Preferences dialog.
    Action Procedure
    To specify a relationship between a column and particular values: Using any of the top three selection entries:
    1. From the first drop-down list, select a column.
    2. From the second drop-down list, select a relationship.
    3. In the text box, enter a value (or values).
      Note: Separate multiple values by spaces.
    To specify a range for a particular column: Using either of the bottom two selection entries:
    1. From the first drop-down list, select a column.
    2. In the first text box, enter the bottom value of the range.
    3. In the second text box, enter the top value of the range.
  3. Click Find Next (or Find Previous) to find the next (or previous) occurrence of the row that meets all of the criteria specified.

    The row that matches all of the search criteria becomes the current row, and its row number is displayed at the top of the Find Row dialog. If no rows match the search criteria, an error message indicating that no matches have been found is displayed.