Sort the rows of a table

You may reorder the rows of a table such that the values in a particular column are in ascending or descending order.

You must be viewing multiple rows of a table in order to perform a sort. You will not be able to sort if you are only viewing one row at a time.

To sort the rows of a table:

In an open table or worksheet, at the top of the column on which you would like to base the sort:

Sorting may be applied to both numeric and alphanumeric columns.

Note: The change applies only to your current worksheet and does not affect the original table.

To reorder the table based on more than one column, simply sort by one column and then by the others. For instance, sometimes you may want to sort the table so that one column is the primary sort "key" and the second column is the secondary key. In this case, the values in the first column would be sorted across all the rows of the table, and the values in the second column would be sorted in order only for those rows whose values in the first column are the same. To get this effect, sort first by the second column and then by the first.