Perform a quick summary

A quick summary allows you to perform calculations on one or more columns in a table on the 1010data Insights Platform very easily.

To perform a quick summary on one or more columns:

  1. In an open table or worksheet, click Analysis > Quick Summary...

    The Quick Summary dialog is presented.

  2. For each column of data that you want to summarize:
    1. From the Column drop-down list, select the column you would like to summarize.
    2. From the Type of Summary drop-down list, select the type of summarization.
    3. If the type of summarization you are performing requires a second column, select that column from the Reference Column drop-down list.

      See Types of Summarizations for Quick Summaries for which calculations require a reference column.

    Note: To change the number of summarizations that appear in the Quick Summary dialog, click View > Set Preferences and change the Number of Summarizations for Quick Summary setting under the User Interface section.
  3. Click Submit.

The resultant table will contain the summarizations you have specified.

Missing values in the data are handled automatically. For example, if you are computing the average value of a column that has some missing (N/A) values, those values are ignored when computing the average. See the descriptions of the individual types of summarizations to see how N/A values are handled for each.


The following table is the result of a quick summary that calculates the sum of sales, average cost, and highest number of units sold across all transactions in the Sales Item Detail table: