Go back one step

You can move backward through the steps of your analysis.

To go back one step in the current tab:

On the toolbar of an open table or worksheet, click the Go Back icon ().
The table will be restored to the state before the last action was taken. You can step back all the way to the initial state of the table (when it was originally loaded into the current tab), if desired.
Note: This will have no effect if there are no prior actions (i.e., if no actions have yet been taken or if you have gone back through all of the steps in your history).

After going back any number of steps, you can go forward through the steps of your analysis and execute those actions once again.

Note: Going back one step is different from undoing the last action. Undoing the last action removes that action from your history, so that you cannot subsequently redo that action. Essentially, you can only go forward if you go back, not if you undo.