Excel Considerations

Certain considerations should be taken into account when downloading 1010data tables or worksheets to Excel in the old XLS format.

Note: These considerations apply to tables or worksheets downloaded using Download > To Microsoft Excel > XLS (old format) in the 1010data GUI.

Opening Excel After Downloading

Typically, when you choose to download to Excel, a dialog box should pop up with the option to Open or Save. If this does not happen, or if Excel opens in the browser window, you may be able to change the behavior by doing the following:
  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Click the Tools > Folder Options.
  3. Click File Types.
  4. In the Registered file types list, select the XLS extension, and click Advanced.
  5. In the Edit File Type dialog:
    • Select Confirm open after download.
    • Clear Browse in same window.
    • Click OK.
Note: These instructions apply to Windows XP and Excel 2003. The procedure may be different or unavailable with other versions.

Recalculating Cell Values

If Excel is set to recalculate cell values manually, values in tables downloaded from 1010data to Excel may not appear correctly. For example, values may appear as 0's in fields that you know should contain a text value.

You can press F9 in Excel to manually recalculate all active workbooks, Shift+F9 to recalculate the active worksheet, or you can change the calculation mode to automatic.

Displayed Values vs. Actual Values

When downloading a table or worksheet to Excel, the values that are downloaded are the displayed values, not the actual values. For instance, a value of 123.12 in a column with a display format of dec:0 in 1010data would be downloaded to Excel as 123. In this case, the decimal portion would not be taken into account in calculations done in Excel, resulting in possible computational irregularities. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you perform all calculations in 1010data before downloading your table or worksheet to Excel to ensure that calculations are performed using the actual values.