1010data environments are independent instances of its analytics platform and infrastructure.

In 1010data, an environment refers specifically to an autonomous implementation of 1010data's analytics platform and supporting infrastructure. Typically, this means the necessary software and services for a 1010data environment are installed on one or more servers.

Tables, queries, and users are all specific to a given 1010data environment. Thus, if you have access to multiple environments, the tables you see in one will not be in the other(s) unless those tables have been loaded separately.

The environment you use can be determined by looking at the URL you use to login to 1010data. Most users login to the www2 environment, which can be found at the following URL:
Most 1010data users login to the www2 environment. However, some 1010data clients have custom environments that exist outside of www2. For example, a company with a custom environment might use the following URL to login to 1010data:

In both cases, the information which identifies the environment in use the first sub-domain of 1010data in the URL.