Reset your password

If you have forgotten your password, 1010data gives you a way to reset it.

To reset your password:

  1. From the login screen, click Forgot Your Password?

    You will be brought to the Password Reset page.

  2. Enter your 1010data Username.
  3. Enter the Email associated with your 1010data account.
  4. Click Reset My Password.

    An email will be sent to you from containing a link to reset your password.

  5. Click on the link in the "1010data Password Reset" email.

    You will be directed to a Password Reset page where you can enter your new password. You will see your username in the Username text box.

  6. Enter your New Password.
    Note: Passwords may only contain uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. Symbols and spaces are not permitted.
  7. In the Confirm Password text box, enter your new password again.
    Note: The values for New Password and Confirm Password must match.
  8. Click Change My Password.

You can click on the Return to Login link to go back to the 1010data login screen.