Share folders, tables, or queries

You can share items that you own with others, giving them permission to see your tables or run your queries.

If you need to share items with multiple users, consider creating a group. For more information, see Create a new group.

To share your folder, table, query, or any other item you own:

  1. Navigate to the desired item in the Folders and Tables browser.
    Note: You can only share items that have a key icon () next to them in the Folders and Tables browser, which indicates that you own those items.
  2. Click the item.

    The item is highlighted in blue, and the full path for that item appears underneath the Folders and Tables toolbar along with its associated actions.

  3. In the list of actions underneath the toolbar, click edit info.

    A panel will be displayed below the Folders and Tables toolbar.

  4. In the Users box, add the names of the 1010data users or groups, separated with a space, with whom you would like to share the selected item.
    If you select Inherit Users, the 1010data users that have access to the parent folder (the folder this item is in) will have access to this item.
    Note: Inherit Users takes precedence over the Users list for this item.
  5. Click Save Changes.

    If you enter an invalid username, you will receive a message saying that the file was not updated.

Upon successful completion, you will see a message underneath the Folders and Tables toolbar indicating that the file's information was modified.

Note: Users to which you have granted access will not see the shared items until the next time they log in to a new session.