Upload a table (Simple Upload)

Upload a table to 1010data.

Before you begin, ensure the data is in a file format that 1010data can read. For more information, see Supported file formats.

To upload a table:

  1. In the Folders and Tables browser, select the folder where you want to upload your table.
    Note: You can only upload tables to folders you own () or have permission to modify ().
  2. On the Folders and Tables toolbar, click the Upload icon ().

    1010data displays fields related to the table beneath the toolbar.

  3. In the Title text box, enter the title of the table.
    The title is used to help describe the contents of a table (e.g., Sales Detail by Customer). The title may contain any combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, spaces, and special characters. If you leave this field blank, a system-generated title will be used (e.g., Uploaded 2014-01-02 15:14:05).
    Note: If you specify a table title within the file you are uploading (e.g., <title>Sales Item Detail</title> in an XML file), it will override the value you enter in the Title box.
  4. In the Full Path text box, enter the table name.
    The table name must begin with a letter and can only contain numbers, letters, and underscores. It cannot contain any spaces or other special characters. If you leave this field blank, a system-generated name will be used (e.g., t662528755_yourusername). The path to the parent folder will be automatically prepended to the Full Path.
    Note: If you are uploading to the My Data folder, the path uploads will be automatically prepended to the Full Path, and a system-generated table name will be used (e.g., uploads.t662528755_yourusername). You will not be able to enter anything into the Full Path text box.
  5. Click Next.

    You will be prompted to choose a file.

  6. Click Choose File and select the file containing the table you wish to upload.
    See Text file format and XML file format for details on what the contents of this file may be.
    Note: Even though you can upload an XML file in the user interface, 1010data recommends using the addtab transaction in the 1010data API instead.
  7. Click Upload.

After the table has been successfully uploaded to 1010data, you can share the table with other 1010data users.