View information about an item

You can find out the meta information about items in the Folders and Tables browser, including tables, folders, queries, or reports.

To view information about a table, folder, query, or report:

  1. Navigate to the desired item in the Folders and Tables browser.
  2. Click the item.

    The item is highlighted in blue, and the full path for that item appears underneath the Folders and Tables toolbar along with its associated actions.

  3. In the list of actions underneath the toolbar, click view info.

    A subset of the following information will be displayed in a panel below the Folders and Tables toolbar:

    Title The title of the item.
    Name The full path of the item.
    ID The internal identification number for the item.
    Size The size of the table.
    Owner The username of the item's owner.
    Last Updated The date and time the item was last updated.
    Users The list of users and groups that have access to this item.
    Uploaders The list of users and groups that have permission to upload to this folder.
    References The table this query is applied to (and any tables that it is linked to).
    Short Description A concise description about the item.
    Long Description A more detailed explanation, which may include the Macro Language XML of the query.
  4. Click the X to dismiss the panel.