Table Information

Descriptions for fields and options in the Table Information section of the Advanced Uploader tab.

The table in this topic explains the fields and options available in the Table Information section of the Advanced Uploader tab.

Table Information section

Table 1. Table Information fields and options
Field Description
Title The title of your table. This is for your own recognition of the table and does not necessarily have to be unique.

The title may contain any combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, spaces, and special characters.

Name The name of your table. This is the unique name of the table used for identification in the 1010data Insights Platform.

The name must begin with a letter and can only contain numbers, letters, and underscores. It cannot contain any spaces or other special characters.

Short Description A brief description of the data contained in your table.
Long Description A detailed explanation of the data contained in your table.
Link Header Denotes columns that were not originally part of your table but have made part of the table as the result of linking another table.
Time Series Enables the functionality to group together, or segment, like information in the uploaded table. A table must be segmented before g_functions or Time Series functions can be used to analyze the data in the table.

When Yes is selected, the Insights Platform displays the Time Series Break Order field in the Column Information section for each column in the table. The Time Series Break Order field is used to segment the table. For more information, see Column Information.

Redundancy Configures how segments are stored on 1010data servers that are provisioned to a customer.
Fully Mirrored
All segments are stored on all available customer-provisioned 1010data servers. This option provides full data redundancy and is the recommended setting.
Each segment is stored on at least two customer-provisioned servers. This option reduces the amount of space used on each server, but provides only partial data redundancy.
User Shows the users who have permission to view the table. You can specify additional users you want to have access to the table in this field.