Data Hauler: Changing the depth of a table

The rename option enables you to shorten the depth of a copied table in 1010data Insights Platform.

In your data source, some tables that you want to copy may be buried in your schema. The rename option can shorten the path of a buried table when it is copied in 1010data Insights Platform. If you do not use this option to shorten the path, the hierarchy is preserved in 1010data Insights Platform, which means that every folder is created in the [DESTINATION]. This could lead to creating a series of folders that only contain a child folder.

For example, you have a sales department table that you want to copy into the Sales directory in 1010data Insights Platform. The data source path of the table is Employees.Departments.Sales.SalesEmployees. If you upload the SalesEmployees table without the rename option, all of the folders are created in 1010data Insights Platform:
Data Hauler creates the following folders in the Sales directory:
  • sales.employees
  • sales.employees.departments
  • sales.employees.departments.salesdepartment
Each folder that is created only contains a child folder until you reach the table. In 1010data Insights Platform, the path of the table is sales.employees.departments.salesdepartment.salesemployees.
If you use --rename, you can shorten the path to the table when it is copied. Your --rename option argument would be as follows:
In this example, Data Hauler doesn't create any folders, and copies the table into the Sales folder. In 1010data Insights Platform, the path of the table is sales.salesemployees.

For more information, see --rename.