Specifying a gateway

You can specify a 1010data Insights Platform gateway other than the default gateway.

The following is the structure of a basic Data Hauler command using the gateway option:


The standard URL for 1010data Insights Platform is www2.1010data.com. There are, however, some cases that may call for the use of a different version. For example, some users access the 1010data Insights Platform beta version in order to preview upcoming features and improvements.

datahaul64 [DATABASE_TYPE] -u [USERNAME] -p [PASSWORD] -C [CONNSTR] -d [DSTPATH] -g beta-15.00
Additionally, some clients use customized URLs to access 1010data Insights Platform. They may access the platform via a custom corporate URL (host) such as https://analyticsplayground.com:
datahaul64 [DATABASE_TYPE] -u [USERNAME] -p [PASSWORD] -C [CONNSTR] -d [DSTPATH] -g https://analyticsplayground.com/gw
datahaul64 [DATABASE_TYPE] -u [USERNAME] -p [PASSWORD] -C [CONNSTR] -d [DSTPATH] -g https://analyticsplayground.com/

The [GATEWAY] argument must be a fully qualified URL. If a gateway is necessary and is not provided, Data Hauler checks to see if the gateway environment variable (TENTENGW) is set before returning an error.

For more information, see -g, --gateway.