Data Hauler: Using SAM pools

A Shared Access Management (SAM) pool enables you to use multiple IDs with one set of credentials.

If you are uploading with Data Hauler using a SAM pool, each TenUp command uses the first available user ID in the pool to upload tables concurrently. The number of SAM pool IDs your Data Hauler command will use depends on the number of IDs in the pool, the number of objects to copy, and the number specified by the --pool-max option. For more information, see --pool-max.

--pool=[GROUPNAME] --pool-max[GROUPMAX]

For example, if you have to copy 20 tables and you have 10 user IDs in your SAM pool and --pool-max=4, Data Hauler can use four user IDs to load tables in parallel.

SAM pools also enable you to use one set of credentials to perform multiple, unrelated copying jobs without coordinating resources or schedules.

For more information, see --pool.