Using Data Hauler

This section guides you through the Data Hauler command line tool.

Data Hauler makes use of TenUp to dynamically upload many tables from an ODBC-compliant database to 1010data Insights Platform at once.

You can upload data from the following databases:
  • 1010data Insights Platform
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • Apache Hive
  • Microsoft Access
  • Oracle
  • Amazon Redshift

At a minimum, you must enter at the command line the proper Data Hauler command for your operating system (see Invoking Data Hauler at the command prompt) and the database type for the database you're uploading from (see Database types).

For example, the following command is on a Windows 64-bit operating system and is uploading from a MySQL database:

datahaul64 mysql
You can also enter any optional switches. Data Hauler will prompt you to enter the rest of the required information, such as user name, password, connection string, and destination path. Data Hauler prints its status as it connects, creates folders, copies, and uploads. It also prints a completion message.

For the full structure of a basic Data Hauler command, see Data Hauler: Basic usage.

Refer to the Data Hauler: Switch reference for a complete list of switches.