-C, --connection-string

Specifies the connection string for the ODBC-compliant database.


Can add to config fileNoSee --config
Expands wildcard characterNoSee Data Hauler: Using a wildcard character
Default environment variableTENTEN_CONNECTION_STRINGName of the environment variable


If you wish to access an ODBC data source, you must first supply a connection string to the data source. The connection string contains the data source name (DSN) or driver.

The most basic form of a connection string simply contains the name of the data source you're extracting from, such as DSN=[DATA_SOURCE_NAME];"

Some connections strings may contain authentication information in addition to the DSN:

If you do not provide a connection string, Data Hauler checks to see if this environment variable TENTEN_CONNECTION_STRING is set before prompting the user.