Executes a subset of TenUp command(s) with the specified options.




Data Hauler makes use of TenUp for uploading tables to 1010data Insights Platform. You can use --passthrough to execute a subset of TenUp command(s) matching [SRC_PATH] with an additional string of arguments [PASSTHROUGH]. [SRC_PATH] matches a command if it fully expands to the dot-separated path to the respective table in the source database.
Note: This option cannot be used to override any of the default TenUp options that are generated by Data Hauler or to override any of the other TenUp options being passed through.

You can add --passthrough to a configuration file so that you do not have to enter it on the command line. See --config for more information on creating a configuration file. You can also perform wildcard expansion with --passthrough. See Data Hauler: Using a wildcard character for more information.


If you wanted to specify the owner of the sales tables that you're going to upload, you can use the TenUp owner switch.
$ datahaul64 [DATABASE_TYPE] -u [USERNAME] -C [CONNSTR] 
-d [DSTPATH] --passthrough=sales*=-0 fc_jjordan