-Y, --permissions

Specifies user and group permissions for the directories and tables in a clone created by Data Hauler.




The [PERMISSIONS] argument determines what users and groups have access to everything you upload in a Data Hauler command. Tables and directories with different permissions should be uploaded separately.

The [PERMISSIONS] argument accepts one of the following:
A comma-separated list of user and group IDs (ID1,ID2,...IDn)
Indicates that only the specified users or groups have access to everything uploaded with this Data Hauler command.
. (period)
Indicates that the table should inherit its permissions from the parent directory in 1010data Insights Platform
! (exclamation mark)
Indicates that the table is private, and only the [USERNAME] from the -u switch has access.
By default, tables and directories are private (!) unless the user is uploading from a SAM pool. In this case, the default permissions is [GROUP_NAME].

For more information, see Data Hauler: Set user permissions.