-P, --proxy

Specifies a proxy server used to connect to 1010data Insights Platform.




The [PROXY] argument must contain the proxy hostname, and may contain the user's proxy user name and password and the server port number.

The default [PROXY] is defined in the environment variable TENTENPROXY.

You can also enter the proxy information on the command line as follows:

Not all proxy servers require a user name, password, or port number. Check with your network administrator to find out exactly what information you need to connect via your company's proxy server.

If a proxy is required and is not provided, Data Hauler checks to see if this environment variable is set before returning an error.


This is an example of [PROXY] using a full set of credentials and a port number:
-P http://aHamilton:g3n3ricPWD@my.corporate.proxy:8080

For more information and examples, see Connecting via proxy.