-y, --replace

Overwrite an existing table with the same name in the same directory.


Can add to config fileNoSee --config
Expands wildcard characterNoSee Data Hauler: Using a wildcard character
Default environment variableNoneName of the environment variable


By default, Data Hauler does not overwrite tables. If Data Hauler attempts to load a table that already exists, the upload is logged as a failure and Data Hauler moves on to the next table. Using --replace causes Data Hauler to overwrite any tables that already exist in the same 1010data Insights Platform directory when uploading.


In 1010data Insights Platform, the following tables exist in the sales directory.
  • 2015sales
  • 2016sales
  • 2017sales
The Data Hauler command specifies uploading the following tables:
  • 2013sales
  • 2014sales
  • 2015sales

By using the --replace option, Data Hauler replaces the existing 2015sales table in 1010data Insights Platform with the data from the source database.