Installing DataBlazer on Windows

The current version of the DataBlazer Windows installer is and uses MSI (Microsoft Windows Installer). You must have Microsoft Windows Installer version 4.0 or later in order to invoke the DataBlazer installer.

Note: DataBlazer Windows installation requires administrator privileges.

DataBlazer is available in a 64-bit and 32-bit version. If you are running 32-bit Windows, you must use the 32-bit version of TenUp, TenDo, and Data Hauler. However, if you are on 64-bit Windows but you are directing DataBlazer at a 32-bit ODBC driver, you must use the 32-bit version of TenUp and Data Hauler.

Note: You will see an error message about incompatible architecture if you run the wrong installer for your operating system.

To install DataBlazer on Windows:

  1. Determine the version of Windows you are using (64-bit or 32-bit).
    1. Click the Start button.
    2. Click Windows System.
    3. Click Control Panel.
    4. In the Control Panel, click System and Security.
    5. In the System and Security window, click System.
      The System window appears.

    6. Check the System Type.
  2. Download the appropriate version of the DataBlazer installation file (dbSetupXX.exe) from the 1010data web site.
    Note: If your organization uses the .msi file format for software installations, download one of the following files from the 1010data web site.
    You will be prompted to either save or run the file.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Double-click dbSetupXX.exe (or dbSetupXX.msi) to start the installation process.
    Note: Alternatively, you can run a command prompt as administrator and invoke the 64-bit or 32-bit installer.

    Invoking the exe file:


    Invoking the msi file:

    msiexec.exe dbSetupXX.msi

    For help with command-line installation, type dbSetup.exe /? or msiexec.exe /? at the command prompt.

    The datablazer: InstallShield Wizard appears:

  5. Click Next.
  6. Accept the license agreements for the various components of the software.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Select whether you want a Complete or Custom installation. A Complete installation installs all three components of DataBlazer on your machine: TenUp, TenDo, and Data Hauler (recommended for most users).
    Advanced users can follow the directions on the wizard for customizing the installation.
  9. Click Next, and if you are satisfied with your installation settings, click Install.
  10. Click Finish to exit the wizard.
    You are now ready to use the DataBlazer tools at the command prompt.