DataBlazer is a suite of three command-line tools with a single installer. Each tool allows you to interact with 1010data Insights Platform and perform tasks in a fast and efficient way.

The three tools are as follows:

TenUp is a command-line tool that makes getting data into 1010data Insights Platform easier. TenUp loads a single table from either a flat file or data extracted from an ODBC-compliant database into 1010data Insights Platform. TenUp provides a robust set of options for loading the data precisely as intended. This includes, but is not limited to, creating new tables and appending to existing ones.
TenDo is a command-line tool that provides a fast, programmatic way to submit queries to 1010data Insights Platform written in 1010data's Macro Language. Instead of logging in, opening a table, and then running a query, TenDo allows you to perform all these actions in one step. If you run the same query on the same table at regular intervals, you can create a TenDo script that automates the entire process. Once you've created scripts, you can schedule them to run using your operating system's scheduler, allowing for even more automation of your interactions with 1010data Insights Platform.
Data Hauler
Data Hauler is a command-line tool that allows you to dynamically upload data from ODBC-compliant databases into 1010data Insights Platform. Designed to facilitate uploading more data at one time with less technical knowledge, Data Hauler can upload all of the desired tables with one command while preserving the structure from the source database. Data Hauler maintains the same folder hierarchy of the source database within the Object Manager of 1010data Insights Platform. If you wish, you can also select which tables are copied, as well as customize the hierarchy of folders.