Save query results as a new table, or append results to an existing table.




[NEW_TABLE] saves the Macro Language query or the SQL query as a new table.

You have the option of saving with the table title, short description, and long description, with [TITLE], [SDESC], and [LDESC], respectively.

If you use '*' for [LDESC], the query actions used to create the table are used as the long description.

Use += to append the query results to an existing table.

Use [NEW_TABLE] with the + operation to merge tables on the server.


The following command saves a Macro Language query with a selection of a single store from pub.doc.retail.salesdetail as a new table named store4:

$ tendo -u [USERNAME] -p [PASSWORD] -g [GATEWAY] newtables.store4=pub.doc.retail.salesdetail "<sel value=\"store=4)\"/>"
Note: The example shows that quotes within the Macro Language query need to be escaped with the \ character.