Replace the newline character with ` in headers.




In cases where the header is split into more than one line, -` replaces the newline character with a ` character.

Header options include the following:

  • -h - column name
  • -H - column label
  • -d - column raw datatype
  • -m - column display type
  • -@ - tab-separated column metadata


In the following table, some of the column labels (At Bats, Total Bases, Home Runs, and Sacrifice Hits) are two lines. The column labels display in 1010data Insights Platform as follows:

In TenDo, -` replaces the newline character with a ` character.

$ tendo -u [USERNAME] -p [PASSWORD] -g [GATEWAY] pub.demo.baseball.batting . -n 0 '-`' -H

This results in the following:

RBI,Sacrifice`Hits,Sacrifice`Flies,Stolen`Bases,Caught`Stealing,Base on`Balls,Intentional`Walks,
Hit by`Pitch,Strikeouts,Position,Last Name,First Name,Bats,Throws,Birth`Month,Birth`Day,Birth`Year,Debut`Year,key