A table in 1010data Insights Platform accessible by the current user ID.


[TABLE]*=0 -y


[TABLE] is the full path to a table in 1010data Insights Platform. The current user ID must have permission to access the table. An example of a full path to a table is pub.demo.weather.stations.

[TABLE]! modifies an existing table depending on permissions set with the -Y argument. You can use ! to modify the table's title, short description, and/or long description. Depending on your command line interface, you may need to escape ! as \!.

[TABLE]*=0 -y deletes a table.

[TABLE]? retrieves information about a table or quick query operation, including title, short description, long description, owner, number of rows, and last update.


The following example takes the table retail.test and modifies its title, short description, and long description:

$ tendo -u [USERNAME] -p [PASSWORD] retail.test(New Title;New Short Desc;New Long Desc)!
Note: In the macOX Terminal, you must add single quotes around the full [TABLE] variable, as follows:
$ tendo -u [USERNAME] -p [PASSWORD] 'retail.test(New Title;New Short Desc;New Long Desc)'!

Remember that you must have permissions to modify the table.

If you want to verify your changes to the table, enter the following command:

$ tendo -u [USERNAME] -p [PASSWORD] retail.test?

You can then verify the table information, including the title, description, and owner.