TenDo: Basic usage

Once you've successfully installed TenDo on your system, you can start submitting queries to 1010data Insights Platform.

TenDo allows queries written either in valid 1010data Insights Platform Macro Language code or in SQL.

The following is the basic structure of a TenDo command:

$ tendo -u [USERNAME] -p [PASSWORD] [TABLE] "[QUERY]"

The TenDo command has the following components:

This command invokes TenDo for your operating system. All TenDo commands begin with tendo.
Your 1010data Insights Platform user name.
Your 1010data Insights Platform password. If you do not provide a password, TenDo prompts you for it.
The complete path to the table in 1010data Insights Platform in which you are performing the query. For more information about file paths in 1010data Insights Platform, see 1010data Insights Platform file structure.

"[QUERY]" is any 1010data Insights Platform query written in XML. If you place your query directly in your TenDo command, you must escape the quotation marks within the query with a backslash (\), as follows:

$ tendo -u [USERNAME] [TABLE] "<sel value=\"(store=1)\"/>"

"@[PATH_TO_A_QUERY_FILE]" is a path to a file containing an XML query. You can use a query file instead of entering the query directly on the command line.