Setting new table permissions

You can set the access permissions of the new table you create in TenDo.

By default, all new tables you save are private and can only be seen by you. You can change the permissions of your new table with the -Y switch, as follows:


To set the permission of a table to inherit the permissions of its parent folder, use '.' as an argument after the -Y switch, as follows:

$ tendo -u [USERNAME] [NEW_TABLE]=[TABLE] @[QUERY] -Y .

To change the permissions of a table to private, use '!' as an argument after the -Y switch.

Finally, to grant specific users access to a table, use the -Y switch and provide user names as the arguments, as follows:
This command grants permission to view the table only to the users specified in the command. The user names should be separated by commas with no spaces between each comma and the next user name. Note that as the owner of the table, you do not need to specify yourself.