Specifying the output format

When you receive query results from 1010data via TenDo, you have numerous options for how the data is formatted. These options are applicable whether the results are printed to the console or written to a file. The following table provides formatting options for TenDo commands as well as brief descriptions for what each option does. Some options are "position dependent," meaning they behave differently depending on where in the TenDo command they are placed.

Table 1. Data Formatting Options
Option Description
-f Formats the data in columns returned to TenDo in the same way they are formatted in the 1010data Insights Platform. For example, dates are typically formatted as 8-digit integers when returned to TenDo. This option will format the date as it is formatted in the Insights Platform, whether it has slashes, dashes, etc.
-` Replaces new lines with a backtick (`) character in the column headings. This way column headings don't stack on top of each other in the console or output file the way they would if formatted to do so in the 1010data Insights Platform.
-C Specifies a column separator before a data column.
-c Specifies a column separator after a data column, if you want a different delimiter than the default column separator (a comma).
-R Specifies a row delimiter before each row of data.
-r Specifies a row delimiter after each row of data, if you want a different row delimiter than the default delimiter (a new line in the results).
-h Returns a column name header at the top of the output.
-H Returns a column label header at the top of the output.
-d Returns the 1010data Insights Platform raw data types of the columns. Data types are indicated as:
  • i for integers (integer)
  • f for floating point numbers (decimal)
  • a for strings of characters (text)
  • j for 64-bit integers (bigint)
For more information about platform data types, see Data Types in the 1010data Reference Manual.
-m Returns the 1010data Insights Platform column display format header before the data in the results.
-F Produces fixed width columns for the results.