TenDo: Session management

TenDo provides various methods for managing data on the server.

Just as in the 1010data Insights Platform, TenDo allows you to create new tables, save query results to existing tables, delete tables, and set table permissions. This section will cover TenDo operations that control server-side data.

Viewing folder contents

When you need to change table and directory permissions, it is helpful to know exactly what the contents of the directories are. TenDo provides options for viewing the contents of directories. To see the contents of a specified directory, you use the .. command after specifying the directory, as follows:
$ tendo -u [USERNAME] pub.demo ..

The contents of pub.demo are as follows:

The above command lists the contents of a single directory, including subdirectories (specified by ,dir). However, the .. command doesn't list the contents of the subdirectories.

To see the contents of a folder and its sub-folders, use the ... command, as follows:
$ tendo -u [USERNAME] pub.demo ...

The output is now a recursive list of all subdirectories and the tables within each subdirectory.

Viewing table metadata

To see information about a table, including title, short description, long description, owner, number of rows, and last update, use the ? command immediately after the table name, as follows:
$ tendo -u [USERNAME] [TABLE]?