Specifying a gateway

You can specify a 1010data Insights Platform gateway other than the default gateway.

When you log in to 1010data Insights Platform, whether its via TenDo or the web GUI, by default you will automatically be logged in to the version of 1010data Insights Platform that your organization has been provisioned to use. This is the default behavior and no action on your part is required. However, there are some situations in which you may want to use a different version of 1010data Insights Platform than your default version. For instance, our beta environment is often used by 1010data Insights Platform users who want to see what features and improvements are on the horizon. Furthermore, some of our clients use custom URLs for access to 1010data Insights Platform. This means that instead of going to the standard www2.1010data.com URL for access, they have a custom corporate URL such as: www.analyticsplayground.com.

In either instance, you will need to specify your gateway to TenDo. The following two examples show the syntax for each circumstance you may encounter when you need to specify a gateway. In both cases you will use the -g option. To specify a specific version of 1010data Insights Platform, you only need to specify the version, as follows:

$ tendo -u [USERNAME] -g beta-15.00 [TABLE] @[QUERYFILE]

The example above tells TenDo not to use the standard gateway logic but to instead create a session in 1010data Insights Platform version 15.00.

To specify a custom corporate gateway, you need to provide the fully qualified URL, as follows:
$ tendo -u [USERNAME] -g https://www.analyticsplayground.com/gw [TABLE] @[QUERYFILE]
If you need to use a corporate gateway and also want to use a specific version of 1010data you can combine the previous examples, as follows:
$ tendo -u [USERNAME] -g https://www.analyticsplayground.com/beta-15.00/gw [TABLE] @[QUERYFILE]

For more information, see -g.