-i, --column-types

Specifies the column data type as they will be in the table created in 1010data Insights Platform.


-i [TYPE1],[TYPE2],[TYPE3],...,[TYPEn]


The columns in the result set will, in the order that they appear, be in the specified format from [TYPE1] to [TYPEn]. By default, the data types are extrapolated from the metadata provided by the source database. For a table of valid TenUp data types, see Data Types in this guide.

When uploading from a flat file, the default value of --column-types is the value of --input-types.

When uploading from an ODBC-compliant database, omitted metadata is extrapolated from the source database, including column types. When uploading from a flat file, omitted metadata is not extrapolated from the source file by default.
Note: Extrapolated metadata from one input source is not used to fill in omitted data from another source.

For a thorough discussion of data types in the 1010data Insights Platform, see Data types in the 1010data Reference Manual.