-h, --column-names

Specifies the names of the columns as they will be in the table created in 1010data Insights Platform.


-h [NAME1],[NAME2],[NAME3],...,[NAMEn]


The columns are named [NAME1] to [NAMEn], in the order they appear. Columns must be named according to 1010data Insights Platform conventions; that is, they may contain only alphanumeric characters or underscores and must begin with an alphabetic character. Column names may not contain spaces or other special characters.

By default, the column names are the names found in the original database. TenUp performs an autoclean operation to adjust the column names to 1010data Insights Platform specifications. For example, a column name of _foo will become x_foo to meet the criteria of beginning a column name with an alphabetic character.

When uploading from an ODBC-compliant database, omitted metadata is extrapolated from the source database, including column names. When uploading from a flat file, omitted metadata is not extrapolated from the source file by default.
Note: Extrapolated metadata from one input source is not used to fill in omitted data from another source.