The destination path to where the new uploaded table is placed in 1010data Insights Platform.




[NEW_TABLE] is the full path where the new table is created in 1010data Insights Platform. If [NEW_TABLE] is a directory, TenUp generates a unique name for the new table with the following format:

If [NEW_TABLE] begins with @, this indicates that the path that follows directs TenUp to a table tree file. For more information, see Table tree.


In this example, the user is writing to a folder they have write access to, named MyTables. The MyTables directory has the following path: CompanyTables > TeamTables > MyTables.

The user's query may look like this:
tenup64 -u [USERNAME] -p [PASSWORD] -C [CONNSTR] companytables.teamtables.mytables [QUERY]