-:, --param

Specifies values used to parameterize a SQL query.




Use --param to specify parameters that would be represented by a question mark (?) in a SQL query. If the SQL query has multiple parameters, this option can be repeated. The [PARAMETER] arguments are ordinally associated with the query parameters.

If you are using a file containing a list of parameters, use an @ character at the beginning of [PARAMETER], followed by the path to the file. The parameters file must have one parameter per line.


The user has the following query:
"SELECT * FROM default.doc.samples.data_types where integer < ? and bigint > ?"
They would have to use --param for each parameter value, which is represented by the question mark (?). If the user wanted to use 10000 for the first parameter and 1000000000 for the second parameter, they might use -:, --param as follows:
-: 10000 -: 1000000000