-v, --verbose

Prints verbose debugging information.



Verbose can be repeated up to five times. In that case, your command would contain the following:

--verbose --verbose --verbose --verbose --verbose


-v sets how much information TenUp writes to logs. This option can be repeated up to five times to generate progressively larger and more informative logs. This switch is most often used to provide more information for the development team.

Each additional -v or --verbose sets TenUp to log a larger amount of data. The maximum, five verbose commands, specifies to TenUp to log everything and all of the data in the source database. The maximum verbosity level can be set by repeating the verbose switch five times or by using the --log-data option. At the maximum level, raw data values queried from the source database are written to OUT, and compressed binary data being uploaded is written to any XML log enabled.

Note: The maximum log will be larger than the csv representation of the data being loaded. This should only be used when instructed.