Using TenUp

After you've successfully installed TenUp on your system, you can start uploading data to 1010data Insights Platform.

There are two ways to upload data to 1010data Insights Platform with TenUp:

TenUp provides two kinds of switches for performing the same task. The order of the switches in the command is not important. For example, the switch that represents the user name can be represented as -u (short form) or --username (long form). This manual uses the short form for its examples, when a short form is available.

For a brief overview of using the command line, you can run the following command:
$ tenup64 /?
For more detailed information about each option in TenUp, including the short and long forms of each switch, run the following command:
$ tenup64 -?

In addition, you can refer to the TenUp: Switch reference in this manual.